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transformational learning for sustained results...

Legacy Unlimited is an international leadership and diversity consulting community that provides individuals distinctive, life-changing experiences, in which leaders can reflect, discover, and choose how to fully use their talents for positively impacting our world.

In a global market there are few remaining trade secrets that give one a strategic advantage. We have found one under-utilized secret that continues to give strategic advantage; it is unleashing the full potential of all people. We believe that to truly deliver step change, sustainable results in organizations you must reach individuals at the heart level.

Our unique, transformational custom consulting, products and workshops are designed to drive step-change, sustained results and new levels of high performance capacity for individuals, teams and your organization.

Our Promise

To have a significant, positive, and permanent impact on individuals, teams and organizational performance by:

  • individual and collective enlightenment
  • creating an environment where breakthrough results thrive
  • institutionalizing deep caring connections and respect
  • teaching leaders to value and model high performance in all touch points
  • teaching to choose excellence in all we do and modeling giving our best in all moments
  • building internal emotional intelligence, effective leadership and management and needed capability to sustain new levels of performance