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people supporting people ©

Legacy's unique transformational course for organizations! This is an inspirational, experiential, residential workshop for men and women in which individuals learn and practice new wisdom and insights about diversity, inclusion, empowerment and leadership. In addition it generates strong, supportive relationships and understanding between men and women. Participants emerge committed to ensuring their own and others' success. It moves individuals and organizations to a new level, while building on their past progress and investments, by engaging participants with their heads and their hearts. Any organization investing in People Supporting People© will see improved results in profitability, innovation, leadership capability, productivity, knowledge, high performance relationships and global and local team capability.

Any individual investing in People Supporting People© has an opportunity to have a life changing experience that will increase their capability to live and lead.

People Supporting People© is also available for exclusive in house sessions and licensing.

"This session, better than any I've experienced in my career, brings the power of diversity (and the barriers of neglecting it) alive. It heightens awareness of our individual role in rooting out negative behavior, contributing positively to an environment of inclusion, and genuinely understanding the role diversity plays in delivering business outcomes."
Central Europe, Middle East, Africa
Consumer Goods

"For me personally PSP was the leadership transformation that we were missing. I highly commend PSP to all who would like to unleash the power of people."
Vice Chairman
Global Operations
Fortune 50

"The greatest benefits of PSP, based on the participant's feedback, are: personal discovery and growth, improved personal confidence, better diversity awareness/ appreciation and deeper bonding/relationship. This workshop made our leaders in Greater China much more productive and globally competitive."
HR Executive
Fortune 50
Greater China

program learning blocks

(Re-) Discovering Passions and Talents
Participants get in touch with their passions and talents and assess whether or not they bring these to their work. They develop insights, consequences, and action steps.

Vision/Dream Development
Participants collectively develop a vision for themselves, the organization and the world with regard to diversity and inclusion.

Personal Congruency
Are participants' values and their behavior aligned? We discuss the long-term consequences of being incongruent, including mental and physical health, lack of overall power and business loss.

Power of the Mind
Participants are exposed to the possibility of tapping into the power of our amazing and underutilized minds.

Personal Mission and Vision
Participants determine what their purpose and mission are in life, what their legacy will be, what they want to stand for, what they want to be proud of, and how they will have personal fulfillment all through life.

Life Review
In small groups, participants discover the experiences and choices that made them who they are today. They then can make conscious choices on how and where to move forward.

Socialization – Prejudices – Discrimination Challenges
Participants learn that they were socialized to believe certain things to be true. They have a chance to examine those beliefs and rewrite them for the rest of their lives. Prejudices, group stereotypes and discrimination are addressed and re-scripted to achieve individual and collective breakthrough on diversity.

Concepts of Re-Defining Self-Love and Wellness
Due to socialization to "be there for others", individuals are typically reluctant to treat themselves "like their best friend". Narrow definitions are challenged and redefined, resulting in a strengthened positive self-image, wellness and prosperity.

"In the end, winning will come from taking full advantage of our diversity"
A.G. Lafley
Chairman & CEO
Procter & Gamble